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Essentials for a New Mom in Kamloops, BC

Most attention after giving birth is on baby. Questions, queries and updates are directed towards how baby is; doing, feeding, sleeping, etc. Postpartum care for Mothers is not nearly as big of a priority as it should be in our society. So, in saying that the focus of this post is on Mom because we could definitely all use that village that is so often mentioned. And because we are usually guilty of putting ourselves last.

All of these products or services are local to Kamloops, BC and would also make a great gift for any new Mom in your life.

If you are expecting you have likely already begun to research and compile your own list of the necessary items required for taking care of a newborn. Or maybe this isn’t your first pregnancy or child and you already have all the things that you need. This isn't that kind of blog post or list, this is a list of necessities and niceties that urge you to remember to take care of yourself postnatal.

A note: this is not an exhaustive list, but rather a list of items that as a Mom of three older boys I believe are essential to a new Mother.

The more kids I had the more I used a wrap or carrier, hands down (no pun intended) my top recommendation.

The Beluga Wrap allows you to carry your baby close to your chest

while keeping your hands free.

Made from sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo, this carrier is super soft and has a unique four-way stretch that wearers and babies both love.

This and many other styles of baby carriers can be found in Kamloops, BC at Modern Family Boutique.

We've likely all heard the saying, "You can't pour from an empty cup." Which is to say that it is much easier to take care of the needs of others when we have done the same for ourselves and our needs.

“A Postpartum Doula provides hands-on comfort, companionship and recovery support in the postpartum period. The first 40 days after birth are some of the most important, and challenging days as a new family, and a postpartum doula can be an invaluable resource to navigate this transitional period.”

— Chelsey Cooper, Both Hands Doula Care

A couple of home made meals dropped off or a subscription meal service is a truly top notch idea for a new Mom (or any Mom). Dinner is often referred to as the witching hour, that unexplained time of day where baby is extra fussy, toddlers are cranky and all while it's time for dinner!! Having a newborn can make getting meals made feel impossible and sometimes its just nice not to have to decide what to cook.

Salty Fig at Home offers daily meal prep deliveries straight to your home! Available Monday through Friday with a delicious custom menu crafted by Chef Nicole Mackie. Menus are sent out Mondays for the week. Wholesome fully prepared meals available for all dietary needs. Let us take the worry out of weeknight dinners.

We have selected the most fragrant and beneficial herbs for our Sitz Bath Tea blend. Sea salt, lavender, calendula, raspberry leaf, comfrey, chamomile, yarrow and rosemary create a beautiful floral aroma for anyone looking to have a relaxing soak, not just for new Mamas.

"We love So Luxury! They have sugar scrubs, body butters, and a lot of bath care products. A top seller is the Coconut Oat Bath Soak. It’s great to relieve dry skin, and is safe and effective for treating eczema on adults and infants alike. It gives Mamas a way to relax after a long day and helps keep babies delicate skin moisturized." — Eco Footprints Refillery in Kamloops, BC.

The Cotton Candy is the perfect nursing bra for your hospital bag. As a no-underwire transition bra, it stretches with you throughout your 3rd trimester and keeps you comfy and supported while your milk comes in.

This and other styles of maternity bras can be found at Lavender Lingerie.

Once your milk supply is established this buttery soft flexi-wire nursing bra will hug you in all the right places with its lightly contoured cups offering shape, support and comfort.

This and other styles of nursing bras can be found at Lavender Lingerie in Kamloops, BC.

Aren’t those the two words we’re all craving right now? Yes and yes!

Brew some softening flower petals and potent herbs to shake that stress from your shoulders and feel a soft sense of peace replace any anxiety you’re feeling.

Take in a deep inhale, let out a long exhale, let it steep and let it go.

New Moon teas are made in BC and are available at Far and Wide in Kamloops, BC.

I have personal experience with Kathleen, working through some past trauma and self-limiting beliefs and I can not recommend her enough.

Instinctive natural birth is all about empowering you to trust your body and your innate ability to birth your baby, and giving you the knowledge, tools and techniques to do this with confidence, and in a relaxing and comfortable way!

"Overall, I would highly recommend Kathleen and her practice of instinctive natural birthing. I used no drugs and my labour was very short and the pain level in comparison to my previous labour was minimal. Kathleen was wonderful to work with, and her knowledge base was amazing. My birthing experience

was incredibly positive thanks to Kathleen

and INB." — Sonya Weaver (client testimonial)

Delish Naturals is based out of Kamloops, BC, Canada. They offer a unique line of baby and body care products that are manufactured with natural and organic ingredients to ensure the best quality product. Here are my top picks:

Unscented and pure, if you are breastfeeding or planning on it, you will rejoice after using our Nipple Soothe Balm. The Nipple Soothe Balm is specially designed to help relieve cracked, achy nipples and is safe for breastfeeding. No need to wash it off before baby latches on. It is made from pure, safe and soothing butters and oils, this balm will have you breathing a sigh of relief.

A cloth diaper safe cream formulated with organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, organic olive oil,

shea butter, natural oils, and essential oils that aid skin difficulties like rashes, and keep their bums baby-soft.

All of the ingredients are as ethically and sustainably sourced as possible, giving you the best product possible while being eco-friendly and globally conscious.

That's it! These items are meant to help take care of you, to help relieve stress, alleviate some of the work load and remind you to practice self care because I already know that you will do a great job taking care of your newborn. I would love to hear what your essentials are or were for a new mom or for yourself during those early newborn days.


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