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Why Birth Photography is Important


It is literally the story of how your baby was born. Birth photography is an honest, documentary-style portrayal of this incredible life event. The moment of relief and pure joy once baby is born, or the first time your eyes lock or the expression of pride as your partner holds his little girl. There are so many intense moments and emotions surrounding labour and delivery, understandably recollection of this time can be blurry. Birth photography captures these precious memories for you to treasure and reflect upon forever.


With the caesarean birth of my second son there were some minor complications and he was taken to the NICU. However, I wasn’t told about this concern until after my recovery when I was shown an empty room, expecting to see my husband with our baby in his arms. Six hours after the birth of my son I finally held and nursed my baby for the first time. I believe that this lead to an inability to bond with my baby and sent me down the long and terrible road of postpartum depression. There is of course no way of knowing for sure, but I think having had photographs capturing the first six hours of his life and the moment we were reunited may have helped my recovery. For a family experiencing a traumatic birth these images can be healing and therapeutic.


Birth is incredible and women are amazing. Period. There is a disconnect between society and the way women's bodies and birth in general is viewed. I want to show our community how beautiful birth is and how strong all women are. Your journey to motherhood and the way in which your baby is birthed is unique but all of our stories are equally as beautiful. Creating portraits of strength and showing the variety of ways in which women birth; at the hospital with a doctor, a water birth with a midwife or as an elective caesarean — sharing these different experiences fosters connection in our community and our lives. This is just one way of contributing to create a normalcy around birth.

Did you have any of your births photographed? Would you ever consider it, why or why not?

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