Paisley Earth Studio | Artist

The Paisley Earth Studio is situated in the former Beaverlodge library building. A beautiful and eclectic arrangement of intricately handcrafted pottery gleans in the afternoon sunlight. The light filters through the windows, dancing, as my eyes trace through the gallery, akin to the birds and bumblebees flitting from flower to flower that adorn the beautiful pieces on display.

“Through the artistic process and play of materials gifts of the art can be discovered, but only through the practice of the art itself. It leads me through one exploration into the next. I am in search of a beauty that stirs my heart, that butterfly in the stomach sensation. When I feel it, I follow it " explains Dori Braun, owner of Paisley Earth Studio.

Paisley Earth Studio focuses on creating handcrafted, one-of-a-kind wheel thrown, table and giftware. Through the various distinct styles portrayed in her ceramic work it is apparent that Braun has a diverse creative background, with a Diploma of Visual Arts and training in printmaking, drawing, graphic design and painting. Braun first began to explore her love for sculpture as a young child upon discovering local clay and creating unfired sculptures. At the age of 17 Braun took the first of many ceramic classes at the Northern Lights College and by 21 began teaching ceramics to children at the Richmond Arts Centre. “Teaching others is equally satisfying and rewarding. I love sharing some basic pottery skills and lessons with my students and watching their excitement and creativity blossom into original ideas of their own,” remarks Braun.

“My favourite part of the ceramic arts is the endless possibilities in combing the elements of earth, water, fire and air. It is demanding, challenging and altogether fascinating,” clarifies Braun.

By this time next year, Braun will have a full time studio with an adjoining gallery featuring her work along with the works of other local artists. The gallery will be open to the public Friday evening and Saturday during the day. Paisley Earth Studios is currently offering group classes and private lessons in beginner, intermediate and advanced ceramics. Check in with Paisley Earth Studios on Facebook for updates.

Paisley Earth handcrafted goods are sold at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery, Picture It Framing in Dawson Creek and the Cultural Centre Gift Shop in Beaverlodge, AB.

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