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It all started, as many ideas do, with a desire or need for something better. When doctor recommended applications ceased to render results on her infant daughter's stubborn eczema, Stephanie Slon along with her business partner Aimee Binks, realized that they could indeed do better. Armed with old-fashioned wisdom and techniques they mixed up their first batch of “Everything Ointment,” a soothing, antiviral, anti-fungal and antibacterial balm that has an endless list of practical uses. The success of the ointment quickly spread via word of mouth and the two partners began mixing up subsequent batches for friends, family and soon, many customers.

A demand for high quality, natural products has propelled Chickweed & Clover into expansion, they have outgrown their previous residential basement space and are now housed in a beautiful, quaint workshop located on Binks' property in Teepee Creek, AB. The dedicated space has enabled the partners to maintain a back stock of product, plan their Annual Woman & Wombs Event and of course hand craft and package their products for shipping and distribution with ease, or as much ease as possible while also caring for their (combined) 5 children.

With many ingredients foraged directly from Binks' land, Chickweed & Clover is committed to providing locally sourced, certified organic herbal skincare solutions for the whole family. We ventured into the fields, Aimee with a baby strapped to her front and Stephanie with baskets and scissors in hand, along with their four children in tow. Wading knee deep through wildflowers and various types of grasses, we searched for and filled the baskets full of rose hips, goldenrod and bedstraw. This is just some of the locally harvested flora that is used in these handcrafted herbal products.

As mothers, both Stephanie and Aimee share a philosophy of being open to talking about the unpleasantries that can accompany pregnancy, childbirth, newborns and the postpartum period. "Our children and our motherhood experiences have definitely been our biggest source of inspiration. We are always looking at what we need and comparing it to what’s herbaly available to us,” explains the duo. "Meeting with other mothers, offering them all natural, local and effective solutions and making really amazing authentic connections is so rewarding. We feel like we are doing what we were meant to be” reveal the two women.

Chickweed & Clover products can be found in many stores in the Peace Country including the Health Food Store in Dawson Creek and online at

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