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The second feature in the artisan series is Angela Fehr, internationally know watercolour painter and teacher. It was a pleasure meeting up with her at her beautiful studio and finding out how she has made a career out of being an artist.

My first impression of Angela Fehr was how gentle yet vibrant she is, from her soft tone to the kaleidoscope scarf elegantly wrapped around her shoulders. I compliment the colourful scarf and she humbly explained that it is from one of her own watercolour paintings. Inspired by the landscape and flowers of our region as well as places encountered on her travels. Angela notes that she tries to paint the feeling of experiencing a place rather than pinning down every detail — creating the impression of painting a memory.

Angela has been painting since 1995 but it’s only been since 2013 that she began teaching watercolour online and has been able to convert her hobby into a full time business. With over 9,000 students enrolled and 45,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel Angela is an internationally known watercolour artist and art instructor, teaching in a loose and expressive style. Angela has a five year goal to establish herself as one of the top ten online instructors. It is no wonder that Angela is booked up for the next year with in-person workshops in locations including Vancouver BC, Jasper AB and Ireland.

Angela recognized an opportunity to use her passion to connect with students across the globe, to encourage those who might have become discouraged or hold the belief that they “don’t have what it takes” to paint in watercolour. Angela becomes energized by helping others to overcome that fear and say “yes" to something that might otherwise feel intimidating. Angela gives this advice to any artist trying to find their way, “Every big goal is built on the foundation of a hundred smaller goals and those smaller goals are achieved through patiently taking small steps in the approximate direction of your dreams. Take a small step every day and don’t let guilt over wasted time or missed opportunities paralyze you.”

I chat with Angela as she prepares for her weekly live broadcast on YouTube. Immense joy can be heard in Angela’s voice as she tells me how excited she is to demonstrate to her students a clearer way to explain a brush handling technique. It is very clear that Angela has a great passion for teaching watercolour techniques and processes as well as encouraging artists to have faith in the process, to practise and they will improve.

As a founding supporter of last year’s World Watercolour Month Angela will be hosting an online challenge designed to encourage her students and viewers to continue painting over the summer. Angela has partnered with some well-known art manufacturers who will be sponsoring big prizes and giveaways throughout the event. Come September Angela will also be offering classes at her studio on Tuesday evenings. For more information visit

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