Freedom Flow Tea | Artisan

I am so excited to announce that Sevan Photography has partnered with the Dawson Creek Mirror on a bi-monthly basis where I will be interviewing and photographing local artists/artisans and makers. The Peace Region has so much amazing, albeit underexposed local talent. My goal is to shine some light on these gifted creators, introducing you to some fantastic artists and businesses that you may not have heard about yet.

The first artisan I would like to introduce you to is Pamela Broad, owner of Freedom Flow Tea.

I feel a sense of calm and peacefulness as Pamela Broad greets and welcomes me into her home. I Immediately smell a beautiful array of herbs; lemon balm, hibiscus, and orange peel.

An intriguing crystal grid is set up on Pamela’s dining room table. Pamela tells me that she tries to prepare her herbal teas on a full, half or new moon, to blend with intention rather than going through the motions. On the summer solstice and before beginning to blend the Women’s Balance tea, Pamela begins with the burning and smudging of dried sage to purify the air.

Reading from handwritten notes Pamela weighs and pours labeled jars of colourful dried herbs into a large bowl for blending. Freedom Flow Tea products are made in small batches using only organic herbs sourced from Certified Organic suppliers. There are no additives, sweetners or artifical flavours, only pure herbal goodness. Currently three different blends are offered: Skin Glow, Detox Me and Women’s Balance, all with their own individual health benefits.

Pamela explains that Freedom Flow Tea is a collective creation. A small tribe of women have supported this company from the ground up. Pamela launched Freedom Flow Tea in May 2017 with no expectations other than to learn and grow from the process. “The best part about Freedom Flow Tea is the creative process and grounding for me, two things that I need in my life!” says Pamela. A mother of two and the full time owner of a busy massage therapy practice, Essence of Flow Wellness, Massage & Yoga (run out of a local acupuncture clinic), Pamela has found a passion that is just right for her — a creative outlet to help create space for reclaiming herself.

Once the herbs are blended Pamela puts the kettle on so that we can sample the newly blended mix. I highly recommend the Skin Glow blend, with it’s delectable combination of peppermint and cinnamon. Freedom Flow Tea can be found locally at the Dawson Creek Health Food Centre and the House of Healing Clinic. All of the blends can also be purchased online at

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