Frequently Asked Questions


What is lifestyle photography?


All of those absolutely beautiful, everyday moments -- the ones that bring you so much joy, the ones you want to remember forever. The way his tiny nose scrunches up when he yawns, or that newborn fluff on her ears. Momma gazing lovingly into those wondrous eyes as baby slowly drifts off to sleep. The bedhead on the back of your toddler's head, which will continue to become matted, no matter how often you comb it down. The superhero mask your preschooler refuses to take off, ever. The way the sun gently shines through her ringlets as she reads her favourite book in that big comfy chair. The wonderful chaos that it is to have a house full of happy kids, running around. This is what I want to capture for you and your family; your story. This is lifestyle photography.  


Will we have to pose and be forced to smile?


No! I want to capture your family as they really are. We all know Dad doesn't do well with forced smiles, I would much rather see everyone having a tickle fight! When we do your session I suggest bringing some favourite toys, books or activities and I will try to be as inconspicous as possible while you all have fun.

Do you do newborn photography?


Yes! I do newborn photography -- usually in your home as this is where Momma and baby are likely to be the most comfortable. I do need to have a room with lots of windows or light coming through to get the best shots. I don't use props in my photography, I feel baby in a natural state will make for photos that you will treasure forever. However if there is a certain shot you are hoping to create we can try to do so. 



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