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jonker family

A few weeks ago I was able to take some photos of my beautiful sister-in-law's amazing family. We had so much fun running around the park, chasing kids and climbing trees.


week 36/52

a portrait a week

Westin - Offering me a bite. 

Olin - Devouring a nectarine.



week 35/52

a portrait a week

Westin - Happy to be out of the car and pit-stopping for a couple of nights.  

Olin - Hotel beds are apparently for jumping on.

on the road

My three boys!


Our trip to Sylvan Lake with a stop over in Edmonton for a couple of days. We made the best of the bad weather, finding lots of other fun activities to do instead (we had imagined we would be spending lots of time in the lake and on the waterslides, but got rained out). We ended up visiting some friends and had a great day at the Lacombe Corn Maze/Kraay Family Farm. Olin's favourite part was probably the tractor-train ride, he is still talking about it! We also went to the Edmonton Zoo (forgot my camera at the hotel) and of course the water park at West Edmonton Mall. Olin absolutely loved the waterpark, he is still talking about a couple times a day, asking if we are going to the waterpark again. It was a good trip!


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