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a very distinguished gentleman

I ordered this adorable cardigan for Westin's birthday, however it didn't make it to us on time so we ended up doing an impromptu mini photo shoot once we received it. He chose the poses and props all on his own - seriously, he just climbed into the basket.


week 41/52

a portrait a week

Westin - Snuggling his favourite penguin.

Olin - At Westin's birthday party. Notice the blue phone in his right hand? He is kind of obsessed with it and insists that he needs it or to know its whereabouts at all times. I am sure that is a reflection on his parent's and their cell phone habits... 

week 40/52

a portrait a week

Westin - Growing up too fast - sliding down slides all by himself for quite a while now!!  

Olin - Park/playground/outside lover! No better place to do this sort of thing than at Aunty Kelsey's house where this great park is just a block away.

a first birthday!


We celebrated Westin's first birthday with a small party of just family and it was absolutely perfect!

You may have noticed in more than a few pictures of Westin this past year that a certain penguin has often made an appearance, and well that is because this is a very special penguin to Westin. Whenever he is sad or tired, Westin will find his penguin (named Tux, to some and Quack-Quack to others) and cuddle him close or sometimes even lay with his face on him (Aunty Jamie always finds the BEST stuffed animals). So, it was only appropriate that Westin's first birthday party be loosely based around his love for his penguin - mostly done in just black and white stripes and polka dots to give homage to penguins rather than be smeared in all things penguin.

Westin surprised me with his cautiousness while eating his cake, I really thought he would dig in and devour the entire thing. He stopped much earlier than I would've guessed! He was wiped by the end but I think he had a fantastic day and adored all the attention he received from everyone. He chased balloons for most of the day, played with Bella and Olin, attempted many times to maul Myra and kept his Dad and two Uncles busy while I made a Thanksgiving dinner. It was a busy day but so nice to get together with all the family and friends that are considered family, I am incredibly thankful that my brother and his family and my sister and her family live only an hours drive away. I am also blessed to have my best friend for 23 years only 45 minutes away and to top it all off my Mom lives in the same town as us!! 



week 39/52

a portrait a week

Westin - Playing at the park like a big kid -- climbing up the stairs and going down the slide on his belly all by himself!

Olin - This is what it looks like when Dad pushes the swing!!
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