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week 33/52

a portrait a week

Westin - This is the face of pure concentration and determination as he wills this block to properly nest into the larger one. 

Olin - Spying on the little brother from above -- making sure he is picking out some good books for bed time. 

week 32/52

a portrait a week

Westin - Playing under a floppy hat. 

Olin - Duck whisperer or bread giverer? 

week 31/52

a portrait a week

Westin - Oh him!? Just chomping down on an entire cake with Olin and Bella at her birthday. Thanks Uncle Nathan!

Olin - Again, in the skivvies! He had a blast at Bella's birthday party, playing in the pool with the kids. 



week 30/52

a portrait a week

Westin - Checking out the week's library haul - and the view out the front window. 

Olin - The dark knight returns, to jump off the sofa.

week 29/52

a portrait a week

Westin - A personal penguin, this little guy travels far and wide with him. Depending on who you talk to, his name is either Tux or Quack-Quack (the second name was given to him by Olin.)

Olin - This little boy, beating the heat in just his skivvies, felt marker all over himself and pretending to battle some dinosaurs, because he is a superhero!?
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